Learning to learn;the key to empowering yourself.

Regardless of your age, gender, race, professional and academic background, the drive to make one’s life better constitutes the core reasons why people acquire new skills. Going back to school, changing jobs, relocating to other cities or countries, getting married ,having children, filing for divorce just to name a few changes that we might experience , are all rooted in the deep desire to change for the better.learning to learn

During the last century, the world went through the fastest and greatest  unprecedented increase in knowledge ever. What seemed impossible in the areas of communication and transportation for instance, has become so obvious to many today to the point that if they were to experience the same challenges those living the 19th century had in those areas just for a week, this will will surely provoke a spiral of civil disobedience with unimaginable consequences.

Acquiring new skills poses many challenges relating to time and disruption of comfort. It is therefore necessary to have some techniques which have proven to be scientific methods.


On his Discourse on the Method,published in 1637, Rene Descartes, a French philosopher,  is of the opinion that knowledge must be acquired by doubting everything in order to approach the world without any preconceived notions. This assertion, according to Descartes, puts one in a position of neutrality, and freshness which are necessary in acquiring knowledge.He lays down four principal rules of the method, which can be summarised as follows:

1-Never accept anything for true without excluding all ground of doubt.

2-Breaking the difficulties we face into smaller parts in order to arrive at a better solution. 

3-Conducting one’s thought by commencing with objects that are easiest to know before ascending to the more complex ones in a sequential method.

4-Making thorough case by case enumerations that omitt nothing.

From this perspective, Descartes was of the opinion that natural sciences could be acquired with a more thourough objectivity. Being prejudiced, he thought, was detrimental to knowledge acquisition.


Knwoledge has so dramastically increased today that those who lack skills in areas such as the latest technologies of mass communication feel estranged by others to the point of being considered “unlearned”, even though they may be very talented in other areas. It goes without saying that technology will occupy our daily interactions in every sphere of life as time goes by. To those facing challenges in learning new skills, there is however some good news.

The scientific revolution  walked side by side with another one:knowledge acquisition. Although it can be truly said that the techniques taught today were already applied by some many centuries ago, their accessiblity today, in an exponential way has demystified the “way of being smart”.

Because knowledge is power ,it is our goal in this forum, to share those techniques with as many people as possible in order to empower many to achieving their potential.

If someone’s life is going to be impacted by our work, than we would have made the world a better place to live in.(to be cont’d)