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Hello everyone!

Welcome to our website. The place where your dream to know how things work is made real.

We are happy to have you on board in this exciting journey of empowerment in a variety of subjects.

A little story about my passion for knowledge

My passion for knowledge has landed me many certificates, diplomas and degrees ranging from Law, Economics, Finance and business, International Studies, Sociology and New Technologies.

After “wandering” from one field of competence to another, I discovered that the science of acquiring knowledge rests on the same principles.
I had spent lots of time pursuing knowledge for knowledge’s sake without realizing it. The fields I was interested in were somehow related. However, I honestly did not know what I was looking for or even how to get there.


Many people seek information on various topics are usually “flooded” with tons of videos or websites with “bits” of information which always leave the seeker unfulfilled and wanting for more.

Except in a purely academic setting where courses and training programs start from level 101 to an expected level for certification, very few websites offer complete and reliable online courses and training programs.

We would like to be the platform where that lack becomes history.


The goal of this website is to provide with complete courses and training programs made available from the comfort of your home. You may ask yourself why this is necessary seeing that there are many online courses and training programs offered by renowned colleges out there. However, have you ever had a systematic program where your qualification is valued above your certification?

Being certified does not necessarily convey competence to equip others. If you are not yet equipped to empower others in your field of competence, you are still a learner. Our goal is to provide you with knowledge and tools to transfer that knowledge. As a matter of fact, we will make it a duty to see into it that you equip others in the process. That is the goal and the key difference between acquiring knowledge here and somewhere else

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


http://increased knowledge.siterubix.com

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